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Alameen Academy aims to develop an inquiry-based learning program that focuses on the individual needs of the students in a caring and supportive environment. Children are encouraged to be independent learners, to think, create, and solve problems with the guidance of teachers who understand the different abilities and learning styles of their students.

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    Committed To

    Science Labs

    We love science and we are grateful for our well equipped labs for practical learning.


    We teach discipline and guide students in their multi-directional development to ensure wholistic learning.


    We ensure comfort and safety requirements are adhered to in the classroom


    We believe that After-School Activities are meant to take kids beyond their limits

    Mission & Vision


    Is to impart knowledge that integrates Academic and Islamic studies in order to establish a firm foundation for every child to strive and develop their maximum


    Is to uphold the Islamic tradition of great respect for knowledge
    and an open spirit of inquiry. Since the Islamic faith addresses the
    complete personality, it is Al-ameen Academy’s philosophy that
    knowledge of the world and practice of our shared beliefs should be
    integrated into a cohesive whole

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    We believe that After-School Activities are meant to take kids beyond their limits

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