The Masjid Al-Ameen Academy, which is an Islamic Integrated School, was started in 2009 by Sheikh Hassan Salim Jean, in order to cater to the need of children in the community.
Our system is based on an integrated system that combines Islamic Studies and the National curriculum used in Kenya.
Al-Ameen Academy is committed to creating discipline, supportive, constructive values, and respect. Helping children attain a complete and well-balanced Islamic character development.

We aim to provide a well-balanced foundation for early childhood education with the purpose of preparing students to face challenges and take advantage of opportunities that will encounter in the next level of education and beyond, so as to make them active lifelong learners.

The school provides a secure learning environment where the individual is valued and respected and in which there are opportunities for each child to learn individually and independently through exploration and active interaction with his or her environment.

We therefore wish and pray, that all the efforts and struggles put into this Institute, become the school of choice for the betterment of the community.

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