The school is setup on a specious and serene property that gives children the much needed room to play and study. Complete with modern play facilities we have left nothing to chance in ensuring that Alameen South C will give your child first class learning and growing environment.

At the South C Alameen Academy we aim nurture every child to grow to their full potential through play.

We appreciate the fact that through their play the children develop confidence and the skills to prepare them for school. They are offered a wide range of activities including, painting, cooking, stories and water play. Outside, the children play with sand, tricycles, balance bikes and scooters amongst other outdoor play and climbing equipment. They also regularly explore the school grounds and sometimes our local surrounding area.

You are welcome for sight seeing and inquiries where our professional staff members will engage you at a personal level and answer all the questions you may have.

We would like to inform you that we are continually developing further and have great plans for expansion under way.